Sand Beach The concept of Beach Bar and Family Restaurant Many choices of foreign tourists


DEKTEKSIPOST.COM – SANUR – BALI, Managed by a skilled and extensive experience, Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant on Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, ‘menjelma’ is a comfortable and satisfying place to eat and drink.
With the concept of “Beach Bar” and “Family restaurant” this place is the choice of many people, especially foreign tourists, to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner.
the manager of Sand Beach, Komang Swasta, said that Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant has a cool and comfortable place surrounded by shady trees, and provides various food, beverage and entertainment offerings.
“Besides being a comfortable place we offer Mediterranean dishes, westerns also exist, don’t forget Indonesian dish and asian dish are also here,” he explained Komang Swasta, Thursday, November 22, 2018.
apart from serving food and drinks at Sand Beach, guests also get live music acoustic entertainment every day. Which will make the visitors more comfortable.
And every week visitors will be entertained by “Crazy Horse” with their Beach Blues Party music.
“Here we have entertainment every day, we have acoustic from 7 to 10 at night every day, every Saturday night we have an event from Crazy Horse, our friends make it more to the Beach Blues Party,” he explained.
“For drinks, Sand Beach has a variety of Cocktail offerings, there are international cocktails that serve as a signature creation here, and there are also arak as a traditional beverage dish,” he added.
Managers who have experience working at one of the most famous restaurants on Palm Island, Dubai, and are also certified as Sommelier (experts on wine) revealed Sand Beach from opening from breakfast to dinner, having an average visit per day of around 300 pax.
“We start from breakfast lunch and dinner, every day the average visit that we get is around 300 pax, our visit is predominantly European tourist tourists, we can here and rarely from expat,” he said.
meanwhile, this man from Sukawati said to pamper guests who come to Sand Beach to maximize all aspects, “here we maximize in all aspects, we try to highlight in food, drinks, services and also in entertainment, so that our guests feel comfortable and at homehere, “he said.
When asked why he decided to return to Bali after successfully working abroad, Komang Swasta said that he had enough experience working in the country. now is the time to start building a hometown, by applying the knowledge and experience gained outside.
“For me, I have had 4 years of experience, I want to work in Bali, build Bali by sharing my knowledge with friends. “Gold rains in other people’s countries, it’s better to rain water in their own country,” he concluded.(TIM).