Visnoe Eliminates Plastic Straws For Healthy Oceans


DETEKSIPOST.COM – DENPASAR – BALI, January 2019. Visnoe Restaurant has now officially implemented a ban on the use of straws – and plastic bags rolling out during 2019. The ban is the first step the brand is taking in raising awareness of the effects of plastic pollution on the planet and its oceans.
This commitment is expected to eliminate almost 200 thousand plastic straws use per year and expands the company’s ocean protection practices beyond sourcing traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced seafood to include efforts to support healthy oceans.
Other ocean protection initiative include no expanded polystyrene use (aka Styrofoam), applying proper recycling practices in kitchen, no plastic bags offered for takeout or to-go orders and no beverages sold in plastic bottles.
“We are proud to be one of the first casual seafood restaurant in Denpasar to make a commitment to eliminate plastic straws from our restaurants,” said founder of Visnoe, I Gusti Arya Eman Himawan S.T.,
“This is a meaningful step in our long-standing commitment to protect and preserve the world’s oceans and marine life. We hope our work helps raise awareness around the issue of plastic straws and encourages other businesses to make similar changes.”
The move follows a global trend by the food and hospitality industry to reduce its plastic use. Visnoe understands the ban is as much a moral decision as it is an economic one.
“The ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life; it produces half the oxygen we breathe, helps to provide the water we drink and delivers [to] us the very core of our business success – seafood.”
Visnoe says the ban has been largely supported by its customers, and has encouraged consumers to take the message to social media, using the hashtag #refusethestraw to spread the word. The company is well known for its corporate responsibility, particularly when it comes to its primary product, seafood.
Visnoe only uses seafood sourced from sister company, I AM BE U that has been harvested in a responsible, ethical.
When the food doesn’t travel far, it’s fresh and at the peak of its flavor.
Visnoe, with its ocean-to-table philosophy embraces a sustainable approach to dining. At its heart, there is value in eating locally, benefits are reaped by those who both produce and consume local food — as well as the environment as a whole.
Local sourced fish from fish factory and exporter sister company, I am Be U, the best fresh fish supplier in bali Visnoe’s ocean-to-table approach keeps the ingredients close to the area in which it was produced, reducing the carbon footprint of the restaurants.
The fish comes from the restaurant’s own land. It is through the connection to the ocean, and the people who work the ocean, that the ocean-to-table movement comes full circle.
In this way, Visnoe contributes to a sustainable outlook for the future of seafood. More about Visnoe