Soul of Nusa Dua Becoming a Caring Movement for Plastic Waste


DETEKSIPOST.COM – NUSA DUA – BALI, Soul of Nusa Dua, is a caring movement for plastic waste with a multi genre music concert event. the activity will be held one day on Thursday, April 28 2019 at the Nusa Dua Lagoon Field.
According to Joni Agung, one of the guest stars at a music concert Soul of Nusa Dua emerged because of the concern of the Benoa community for the dangers of plastic waste.
.a study said, Indonesia became the second largest waste producing country after China. “he said.
.”Soul of Nusa Dua comes with a vision and enthusiasm to invite people to move to make small changes that have a major impact on the environment,” explained Joni Agung, one of the guest stars at the music concert, Wednesday, March 27 2019.
.added, through the music concert, there was a clear message about environmental issues for a wide audience.
“In addition to local artists there are also national artists who will perform,” he added.
In addition to the peak event, activities are also coupled with other events such as Zumba gymnastics with environmental themes. .as a movement to care for the environment, according to Joni Agung not only focuses on music concerts.
While there was also a pre-event activity held a socialization of the dangers of plastic waste at schools and colleges and clean the beach.
.”We also campaign in social media to invite the public, especially the younger generation, to take care of the environment,” he said.
so far the movement for handling plastic waste has also been heavily campaigned by the government, namely reducing or reducing, reusing or reusing, also recycling or recycle.(Team)