Maison Aurelia. 2nd Anniversary Opening art Exhibilition


# Photo description; General Manager Maison Aurelia Nigel Douwes.
DETEKSIPOST.COM – SANUR – BALI, Maison Aurelia. 2nd Enniversary Opening art Exhibilition “CELEBRER LE PRINTENMPAS AU PARADIS,” SANUR APRIL 27 2019.
while Maison Aurelia displays the painting gallery holding an exhibition of paintings from several collections of famous painters in Bali.
“So Maison Aurelia Sanur Raises Local Culture by holding Painting Exhibition,” he explained.
in addition, there was also the curator of the Rudana Museum, Mohammad Bundhowi and the involvement of Monique Bouquet VDF Gallerist from
Anvang Art.
General Manager Maison Aurelia Nigel Douwes Told the media crew, “From the Maison on the second anniversary, he collaborated with the Rudana Museum in Ubud to hold a painting exhibition.”
_IMG_000000_000000 # Photo description; Monique Bouquet from Avang Art.and Yoke Darmawan.
“We at Maison Aurelia under the Preference label Hotels and at Preference we strongly believe in bringing local culture and Balinese culture including, Art, Endek or whatever can be given from Bali to our guests,” explained Nigel Douwes.
according to Nigel Douwes. from a Dutch citizen who is very fluent in Indonesian, the exhibition departs from social life in Bali.
It can be seen from the paintings with Balinese backgrounds. All the painters are Balinese painters, “he said.
Nigel Douwes.
“Anvang Art and the Rudana Museum organize all this and from the paintings we display, some are truly masters. With each painting it costs millions of rupiah.
while these painters have learned from outside masters such as Blanco or Ke Mayeur, we display about 3-4 artists. One of them is Ketut Soki and Pak Bendi (Wayan Bendi) who are truly masters, “said Nigel Douwes.
Ketut Soki is one of the painter icons of Penestanan Ubud. while Wayan Bendi is a painter from Batuan, Gianyar Bali with a style of painting that has been very famous for 180 years.
Meanwhile, Monique Bouquet from Avang Art said that he had organized many painting exhibitions throughout Bali. he said, Maison Aurelia was a venue that was quite successful in managing hotels and various art activities.
“In the future, I hope to be back in cooperation with the Preference hotel. not only hotels here but hotels in other places that are still under management with Preference, “Monique explained. (TEAM).