5th hut Gourmet Sate House in Kuta Bali


#Photo description; Owner Gourmet Sate House. Kla with Santi Ulrich
The 5th 5th Gourmet Sate House HUT, a dining venue serving Indonesian cuisine. Satay is a favorite favorite menu of chicken, beef and lamb. Also other Indonesian fried rice.
explained Santi Ulrich, Sate a shop located on Dewi Sri street, Kuta has its own fans among domestic, international and expatriate tourists.
As the name suggests, Sate House specifically provides a menu of satay made from mutton, lamb, beef and chicken. established 5 years ago and on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 celebrated its 5th anniversary.
“Because here, on the road, only chicken satay or goat satay is found, but there are many kinds of satay not available,” explained Klaus Ulrich at his Sate shop while celebrating HUT. 5th small stall managed by his wife Santi Ulrich.
that’s the reason behind him opening a gourmet style satay house. Klaus said, he has a background in pastry chef in a star hotel in Bali. Since long ago, Klaus also liked Indonesian cuisine, especially satay.
“Then, he moved to Australia and opened an Indonesian restaurant in the country of Kangaroo.” But six years ago I returned to Bali and rented a small place here, “Klaus said.
with the help of his wife, Klaus Ulrich processed sate and gule dishes made from meat which are commonly processed in Indonesia. In the process of processing, Klaus claimed there was a difference from all ingredients of cooked meat.
In the shop, lamb satay is also available which is rarely found in Indonesia. he brought his meat from Australia.
Klaus explained, processing mutton and lamb was very different.
“The meat lamb is softer, different from the goats here,” he said.
opening a shop with a specific menu, of course also has specifications in processing or seasoning.
Santi Ulrich said, Sate House chose traditional spices and did not use flavor enhancers or monosodium glutamate (MSG).
“All the dishes are fresh, the morning we make and the night when the stall closes must be finished. Or if not, we can only save a day, “Santi explained.
“Our Satay shop in a day, the visit of the shop can reach 150 peopleSatay House employs 14 employees who are ready to serve orders. “Bungka. Anti Ulrich. (TIM).