The movement of the Hatten Wines Family Concerns the Environment Between Friends and Spirituality


#Photo description; IB Rai Budarsa as Owner/Owner of the Hatten Bali Group (PT. Arpan Bali Utama, PT. Hatten Bali, Fa. Udiyana).
In order to commemorate the 25th (twenty-fifth) anniversary of Hatten Wines that fell in August 2019, all Hatten Wines staff will hold Social Responsibility activities in the form of “Purging cleaning” in Mertasari, Shooter Temple and Sukamerta Temple Sanur, Donation/assistance to
Bhakti Sosial Senang Hati Foundation, and held a Blood Donation Activity, Pap-Smear, free cataracts.
As for the series of events that carry the theme “The Movement of the Hatten Wines Family Concerning the Environment Among Others and Sepiritual,” began to be held on 29 June 2019 to carry out “Ngayah Pembersih” activities at Pura Mertasari Sanur, Pura Dalem Pengembak, and Pura Dalem Sukamertasanur.
Continued on July 5, 2019 carried out social service activities at Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati Siyar Gianyar Village. then on the 12th and 13th of July 2019 at the Offlce Hatten Wines Area Blood Donation, Pap-Smear and Cataract Surgery were conducted, with 670 participants from employees and the general public.
this series of activities is one form of Hatten Wines Family social responsibility towards the surrounding environment. Especially as a form of real practice from Application
“Tri Hita Karana” which is concern for the environment, among others, and spiritually.
the Green Act committee and the 2019 Hatten Wines Family Gathering, Komang Sudiasa. Around 160 members from Hatten Wines Family took part in the “Ngayah” cleaning activity and donated 10 sets of trash cans in Mertasari Temple, Pura Pengembak, and Sukamerta Sanur Temple. collect and submit donations to the Bhakti Social Foundation “he explained.
Komang Sudiasa said he was happy, and held a blood donor, Pap-smear and free cataract surgery for people with eye cataracts.
the 25th anniversary of Hatten Wines and at the same time the Hatten Wines Family Gathering event is the highlight of the Green Act event and the Hatten Wines Family Staff Gathering which was held on August 17 at the Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel.
The event was attended by All Staff and Family owners of Hatten Wines Group (PT. Arpan Bali Utama, PT. Hatten Bali, Fa. Udiyana), 70 PT staff. Arpan Bali Utama, 90 Staff of PT. Hatten Bali, and 23 Staff Fa. Udiyana.
“According to IB Rai, the initiative of this activity was very positive, moreover we all jumped in and took care of this activity starting from planning, organizing and implementing communication as the Tri Hita Karana concept, namely Palemahan, human relations with nature, pawongan, (human relations withman), parahyangan, (human relationship with God). “he said.
Besides that it is a regional government program with the hope that through this activity Hatten Bali Group can continue to support the Balinese government program and implement “Tri Hita Karana” in daily life.
“I welcome and support the activities carried out by all Hatten Bali Group staff. Such activities encourage staff to implement Tri Hita Karana, which is recommended by the government in real life in the community, “explained .IB Rai Budarsa.
“We hope that activities like this can be used as a positive example and continuously improve in the future,” said IB Rai Budarsa as Owner / Owner of the Hatten Bali Group (PT Arpan Bali Utama, PT. Hatten Bali, Fa. Udiyana )
this activity received full support from all the Senang Hati Bhakti Sosial Foundation, Pengempon Pura Mertasari Sanur, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Bali, and of course the Hatten Bali Group and Family.(Team) .