The blues Festival Becomes One of the Events of Tourism Attraction in Bali


#Photo description; Endah was accompanied by her husband, Rheza speechless, until she ran out of words to describe this, “he said.
DETEKSIPOST.COM – NUSA DUA – BALI – Managing Director of the Indonesia Tourism Development Center (ITDC) I Gusti Ngurah Ardita said, his party targeted the maximum number of visitors. Saturday, July 13, 2019.
“According to I Gusti Ngurah Ardita along with the event the Nusa Dua Light Festival (NDLF) was also held or a festival of thousands of lanterns on the Peninsula island,” he said.
“While the Bali Blues Festival
(BBF) is one of the events that attracts Bali. this event was developed for the long term, “said Ardita.
Continue The 5th Bali Blues Festival event on Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua, has become an attractive stage for a number of Balinese and national musicians.
“So there are a lot of musician collaborations there ..”In fact, the musicians presented promises unique and ethnic blues music,” he explained.
.while the rows of musicians who fill the 5th Bali Blues Festival in 2019 include, Gugun Blues Shelter feat Emmy Tobing, Endah N Rheza, Nosstress, Made Mawut feat, Balawan & Maxwell Reunion, Bali Blues Brothers, Suradipa & Gus Teja, Glambeer, The Bardogs , Crazy Horse feat Joni Agung, TheRatrocker and Blues Community.
On the other hand, the nuances of Peninsula Island as a stage background were praised by Endah who is a musician from the band Endah N Rheza, “he explained.
“It was said that Endah was accompanied by her husband, Rheza speechless, until she ran out of words to describe this,” he said.
balawan, one of the best Balinese musicians to take part in the 5th Bali Blues Festival. The guitarist who is famous for this finger touch style technique, in his performance, covered the song Yngwie Malmsteen.
as is known, Yngwie Malmsteen is a Neo Classical Metal guitarist who is full of gahar guitar passages. Whereas Balawan, is fluent in taping techniques that don’t require much pickup and incision on the guitar guitar.
Candidate checksound on Saturday, July 13, 2019 and uploaded on YouTube presented the song ‘Dreaming’. In that moment, the passages of Balawan’s guitar seemed to have no spirit like he played his own music.
The uploaded Checksound video was given the title ully Bullied Not Can Picking, Balawan Nekad Bawain Song Yngwie ’. Sound effects that come out are also not metal scented. (TIM)