Bali is still one of the most favorite destinations for tourists around the world


DETEKSIPOST.COM – KUTA – BALI – Bali is still one of the most favorite destinations for tourists around the world. Apart from its natural beauty, Bali also has so much business potential both in tourism and in other fields.
One of the potential wealth of Bali is in fashion industry which is now growing more and more, even to the international arena.
Seeing this development, TStore as the first designers’ hub in Seminyak was inspired by the mission to put forward the local work of Indonesian fashion designers by helping in terms of promotions and sales.
TStore is also a place where fashion lovers and fashion designers can interact and collaborate to each other, which motivate their monthly activities – TStore Fashion Friday.
This is a Trunk show where TStore vendors can show their fashion work to fashion lovers and develop their social and business networks.
This July TStore Fashion Friday will be held on Friday July 26th 2019 involving various fashion communities, also to introduces the concept of a different shopping experience that comfortable and enjoyable.
TStore as a “One Stop shopping destination” where customers can choose from more than 150 fashion designers ranging from casual, resorts, party dresses, evening dresses, to accessories, all can be obtained completely in one place.
Started with canapé and fresh drinks, the Trunk show will start at 4pm inside TStore TS Suites Bali area. This time will feature works by no less than 4 fashion designers: Dimas Dwitanto, Sokya resort wear, Angela Chung, and Devy Ros.
Guests who come can also try on the clothes and accessories that are exhibited, as well as look around and shop for collections inside this 1,600 square meter shopping area, with special offer 15% discount on ALL ITEMS.
Guests are also expected to attend and dress up ‘Smart Casual’ and have the opportunity to get attractive prizes at the end of the event.
Hopefully this kind of event can continue to support the fashion industry in Bali, especially for the advancement of local designers.
For TStore itself, two years ever since its opening on May 2017, has gain recognition as one of people’s favorite destinations to shop. For those of you who have not experience shopping at TStore, come by everyday opens from 10 am to 10 pm.(Team).