The Keranjang Bali, Goerih Restaurant Comes to Preserve Traditional Archipelago Food Ancestor Blends.


The Keranjang Bali, Goerih Restaurant is here to preserve ancestral concoctions with new creations, without leaving the identity of taste and processing methods.
Serving a variety of typical archipelago menus with a mainstay menu Metunu Rice, Garang Asem. and special offerings
namely 1 meter long Betutu Chicken Sausage, this dish is served in a unique way
“But still maintaining the original taste of Chicken Betutu. Goerih Restaurant is here to provide a new experience as well as nostalgia for the visitors of a typical archipelago dish.
With its strategic location, Goerih Restaurant is one of the culinary tourism that can be reached only 5 minutes from the Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. Being in a tourist center environment.
The Keranjang Bali, Goerih Restaurant can be a choice for tourists to taste typical foods of the Archipelago with family and friends.
Goerih Restaurant is ready to serve the visitors starting at 08.00 23.00.
We await your presence to enjoy a new experience in the typical archipelago flavor of Goerih. (TIM)