Arak Bali Begins to Get a Place and Become a Drink in a Number of Cafes and Restaurants in Bali.


Photo Caption; Crist Salans at the Spice gastro-bar by Chris Salans accompanied by the Bar Manager / Mixologist. Bili Wirawan and Mixologist Haris Mahendra.
DETEKSIPOST.COM – Ubud – Bali, Crist Salans at the Spice gastro-bar by Chris Salans said Arak Bali began to get a place and become one of the drinks menu in a number of cafes and restaurants in Bali. Events to promote Arak are also often held. Culture Tuesday, 10 September 2019.
In Ubud, Chris Salans Restaurant is holding an event titled Arak & Spice. The program combines Arak flavors combined with cuisine to create new flavors.
“Crist said this is the third, we give the theme Arak & Spice 3.0, the next event in December for the fourth series,” he said.
According to Chris, this time, his party presents mixologist Haris Mahendra who concocts 4 cocktails paired with 4 modern Indonesian dishes that are mixed by Chris Salans himself.
“So that the cocktail is served using Arak and Brem Bali which is produced with high quality by the manufacturer Dewi Sri,” he said.
Arak itself is distilled alcohol from rice or coconut, and brem is wine made from fermented rice.
Bar Manager/Mixologist. Bili Wirawan
added, he has a dedication to making creative products made from local Balinese and throughout the archipelago.
Besides Arak & Spice 3.0, according to Bili Wirawan, re-introducing traditional Balinese alcohol, “he said.
That, as an event to introduce traditional Balinese alcohol and get to know the true taste of Bali.
One of the cocktails served is Tales of a Honje made from Arak infused with ginger. In addition, Harris provides pineapple, Javanese chili, lemongrass, turmeric powder and tonic water and mint leaves, “he explained.
Traditional drinks are used in religious rituals in Bali. However, the cocktail served is not traditional at all.
“With pairing, a new taste will emerge from the combination of food and drinks made from raw Arak,” he explained.
Meanwhile, Mixologist Haris Mahendra said, he was not only exploring raw materials for Arak or brem. But it also uses supporting materials that can be enjoyed together with the cocktails that are served.
“So there is no wasted material, such as coconut, we use the shell as a glass, including garnishes such as mint leaves and so on,” said Haris.
“So we use all the raw materials that are easily available in Bali, everything is around us,” added Haris.
As for the following event, actually from Arak & Spice 3.0, it will be held this Friday, September 13, 2019. At 6.30 Pm in Ubud Ubud.(TEAM).