Sand Beach Bar Continues To Make Innovations Especially For Cuisine That Is Served.


#Photo description; General Manager of Komang Suasta Beach Bar.
DETEKSIPOST.COM – SANUR – BALI – General Manager of the Beach Bar Komang Private said to the media crew, until early 2020, it had received a reservation for a wedding. Monday (9/9/2019.
“During this year we received 8 wedding events, both local and foreign. Some have even booked a place for 2020, “explained Komang Private, Monday (9/9/2019
In addition, having a panoramic view directly against the beach is a separate capital for the Sand Beach Bar. From the beginning only a beachside cafe, now, the Bar, located in Sanur, began to penetrate the wedding market.
His party has been branding through social media by making a trailler of the Sand Beach Bar location. Apparently, the greeting seemed quite enthusiastic from the guests who were mostly foreign tourists. Suasta claimed, management always applies flexibility at the request of guests.
“Because in the hospitality business, what is needed is service. Therefore, we strive to provide satisfaction for our guests. Including when they ask about the technical wedding that we are holding here, “he said thus.
So that local wedding guests, said Private, generally invite more guests than foreign guests. Therefore, he tried to manage the best possible volume of guests present.
But for foreign guests, fewer guests are invited, only more Food and Beverage (FNB) needs are requested. Especially for drinks and food.
“For local guests an average of Rp 170 thousand per person. “Western, because there are quite a lot of drinks per person, the average is Rp. 350 thousand free flow per person, while the food is Rp. 360 thousand per person,” he said thus.
Besides good service, the competition is quite tight in the Sanur area, making Sand Beach Bar continue to innovate especially for the cuisine that is served. There is one new menu that is currently being branding at Sand Beach Bar namely, Seafood Royal.
Oriental food in one portion consists of lobster crab and clams, fish and squid. (TIM)