The Indonesian Bartender Association Cares About Press Persons, Amid Covid-19 Pandemics.

_IMG_000000_000000 – Bali – We from ABI BALI held an ABI SHARING event. So to friends, especially members and others who are affected covid19, “said the Chairman of ABI Ngurah Udayana.
According to Ngurah Udayana. So hopefully this event helps a little and which event is the 2nd event and it is possible that we will continue to do it in the future, so we will look at the situation on the field. “he concluded. Friday 12 June 2020.
While our goal is to help colleagues in the hospitality industry and also provide motivation to members in particular and bartenders in Bali or in Indonesia.
“This in general is to keep the spirit to welcome new normal going forward,” he said.
“So with this, I am discouraged to prepare myself to add skills, be it mixology, flare or magic skills, so when it’s new normally everything is ready by following government protocol.
Next, hopefully this will quickly pass and run a normal life again. “Clear.
So in the target for each section there are 40. First there are members who are affected then members.
“As for our members, there are 125. And today there are some friends from members and also from the media, going forward, not only are there members but there are still bartenders in Bali, so that is a future goal.” Ngurah Udayana.
So with this event we are really motivating in the readiness to face the new normal by enriching ourselves about knowledge and skills.
To deal with the new normal, we appeal to the government protocol Incidentally, in the bar there is distance and the rest pay more attention to cleanliness.
Then hand sanitize, and it’s really needed, what else is it related to drinks so the bartender must be clean, hygine and all kinds.
For the new normal hope in the future we are still waiting for an appeal and in addition we must be ready at any time and not to down. And we also don’t know when it ends. Then from that we must remain ready anytime.
Because the hotel bars or restaurants are still closed. And this moment the airport if opened to be staff or employees who are housed even in layoffs will be called again to work.
So they must be ready. So prepare yourself as professionally as possible. Ngurah Udayana (team).