Preserving the Customs and Culture of the Archipelago

IMG_20200806_201641158 – Bali – Attractions for the charcoal candidates for the peaceful action of the forkom featured dance bumbung dance, charcoal candidates, wayangan (corpse attraction, meaning that it can be turned on or off, or died in the afternoon). “Said Jero dukuh, the head of the Balinese dukuh sakti pecalang.
“Performing Kanuragan’s performance in keris stabbing with sharpened bamboo, in Baje Sandi was attended by approximately 1000 people,” said Jero dukuh. Thursday. (6/8).
Peaceful Action led by the chairman of FORKOM Bali Jero mangku wisma, field coordinator Agus Yudhiawan, participated in by several supporting mass organizations, including Amukti Palapa Nusantara, cakrawahyu, Sandhi Murti, Watu linggang, Tarung Drajad, Bima Sakti dance studio, Mandala Suci, and Sanggar Buana Sidi. “Said. Jero Hamlet.
Also present was Sulinggih, the Hindu priest, as the supervisor, also gave a speech (TIM).