Qi Ferro will work on the film “Amukti Palapa”, a historical masterpiece of the Archipelago’s heyday


Prof. DR. Djuyoto Suntani, President of the 202 Countries World Peace Committee (Advisory Council).
Deteksipost.com – The history of the greatness and glory of the archipelago in the Majapahit will soon be brought to the big screen. This very sacred film received support from many parties. It is planned that this big screen film will be worked on by ferro in 2020, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, the work is also postponed.
“The film with the title” Amukti Palapa” is a colossal mega-wide screen film story in the 13th and 14th centuries about the greatness of Majapahit and the heyday of the archipelago which is well known abroad and internationally,” said Bang Ferro in his conversation with the media-deteksipot crew and www.baliinspirasi.com (03 / Sept / 2020) in Bali, on this occasion we, the deteksipot media crew, have also seen what is being prepared by Ferro as a producer.
“I dedicate this film to my beloved nation as well as an invaluable tribute to the ancestors of this extraordinary great nation, all of this started from a process of my long journey of 25 years from May 1995 to 2020, which is difficult to express. “Said Bang Ferro.
This film will involve thousands of players with a large production cost and perhaps the largest in the history of film in Indonesia.
“The aim is to revive the history of the greatness of the archipelago in the Majapahit era which is expected to become a mirror for all of us as the next generation, and also as a mirror for the leaders of this nation, where if we look at the current situation and condition of the nation it is truly sad. and ironically, the unity that has been closely knit in diversity so far has now been torn apart, “he said softly.
Qi Ferro will work on the film “Amukti Palapa”,
Bang Ferro said, the large cost of producing this colossal mega film was because the building of the Majapahit Kingdom Palace Set to be built for filming was prepared as grandly as possible and approaching the original as well as accessories, properties and other trinkets, some of which are made of metal or copper.
Not to mention the hundreds of horses, dozens of elephants and other animals that become supporters. Bang Ferro as a producer said that the preparation process for this colossal mega widescreen film is quite long.
This is because this work is a historical fact that should not be reckless in preparing it, it requires thoroughness, a high level of patience, sincerity, selfless sincerity, needs cleanliness of the heart, humble, clarity of mind, spirit and cannot follow lust, ambition and emotion.”The sacredness of this film is also closely related to all the events taking place in the archipelago, as well as in the world.
So that everything must be prepared carefully, I prepare all of this following the instructions according to the rules of the ancestral order that must not be violated, “explained Bang Ferro, who is better known as Qi Ferro.When will the film launching be held?
“The launching plan will be held on the island of Bali in 2021, it is planned to be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the President of the World Peace Committee which in the launching event will also invite the Raja Sultan of the archipelago and internationally, governors, ambassadors at home and abroad, traditional leaders.
Culture and others. It is hoped that this film will later become a guide as well as an interesting spectacle that contains many philosophies, “said Qi Ferro.
Regarding the big screen film, the epic masterpiece of the history of the greatness of the archipelago’s heyday, according to Ferro, received tremendous response and support from various groups and parties who have been known for their work both nationally and internationally such as, Prof. DR. Djuyoto Suntani President of the World Peace Committee 202 countries. and for the smooth running of this film also involves the spiritual figures of the archipelago.
“The shooting for this film is estimated to take 7 months, which is quite time consuming is the preparation and construction of the Majapahit palace builder set,” said Bang Ferro.
Qi Ferro explained, with various considerations, the construction of the Majapahit Kingdom Palace Builder Set for filming will be built in Solo (Mataram) and on the Island of the Gods, Bali.
The palace set building which was built as a shooting location at the same time can later be used as a place of cultural and educational tourism which of course will add extraordinary attraction for local, national and foreign tourists who wish to travel.
“The shooting locations include Mount Bromo, Madakaripura, Singosari (Malang), Bali, Solo, Mount Pawitra (pusdik bhayangkara), Pagaruyung related to Adityawarman (West Sumatra) and China,” he added.Also explained, the film entitled “Amukti Palapa” will be made in five languages, namely, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Javanese and Indian which will later be shown simultaneously in all national cinemas and will also be screened in cinemas in Asian countries. as well as international.
Some of the best national actors and actresses will be involved in supporting the production of this film including several international artists who are already worldwide, as well, it is planned to involve the best colossal film directors from China and special effects who are already famous for their work in the international film scene.
“As the nation’s next generation, we need to know that Gajah Mada as a true bhayangkara has very high intellectual, spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical strength for this nation. As a drafter of a sovereign state that unites the entire archipelago.
Gajah Mada has set such a high legacy of policies towards the future progress of the nation in a futuristic manner, ”explained Bang Ferro.In the conversation he said, this film will also reveal the greatness of the Majapahit maritime fleet with its large ships gallantly guarding the entire archipelago.
This fleet of navy is divided into five 5 water areas led by an admiral.At that time, the South China Sea as a dense strategic maritime route was controlled and closely guarded by the Majapahit maritime fleet that escorted and protected all Indonesian merchant ships under its auspices that passed through the waters of the Malacca Strait, so that the sea route was safe from pirates.
It is time for this nation to return to being a maritime nation that is strong, resilient and respected by the world.
During the heyday of the Majapahit Empire in the XIII century at the time of Hayam Wuruk, it was said that there were two military genius figures, namely Mahapatih Gajahmada and Laksmana Mpu Nala.
Admiral Mpu Nala as commander of the Majapahit navy stationed dozens of warships to guard 5 important points of the archipelago’s waters. The greatness of the archipelago’s glory is also inseparable from the role of the diplomacy expert Adityawarman who
accompanies the Gajah Mada and also thanks to the great role of a powerful figure named Kebo iwo, a true knight with a big soul who has high knowledge above the Gajah Mada.
“Hopefully this film will become a monumental historical masterpiece that will be screened every year so that the younger generation will return to their national identity and not forget the history of their nation, which was incredibly powerful and was once a super power country in the world that was respected at its time. “He hoped.
“With the presence of this film, it is hoped that this film will inspire the spirit of the younger generation to love the history of their nation and raise and arouse the awareness of the nation’s children to re-echo the spirit of unity, awakening the souls of the nation’s knights as sons and daughters of Mother Earth who were born as intelligent and tough warriors who have civilization.
tall and as a sovereign nation in our own homeland, where our blood was shed where we were born, we grew up in this rich and rich beloved motherland.
Remember that .. !, ”Qi Ferro ordered to the younger generationWithout history, our ancestors would be nothing. “Let us rise together in sincere togetherness and love and peace in diversity under the auspices of the banner of red and white and unity in diversity, ika tan hana dharma mangrwa.
Together we protect and preserve the customs, traditions and culture of our ancestors which are rich in diversity, ”said Ferro enthusiastically while telling a little.
Saying “Salam Nusantara rise together” he said, “It is time for this nation to rise again as a nation that is highly respected in the world. back to the ancestral order of the archipelago, “he concluded.(team)