Open a coffee shop at Jalan Muding Sari

_IMG_000000_000000 – Bali – Starting from his hobby of photography and old motorbikes, Ben, his familiar nickname, this time opens a coffee shop on Jalan Muding Sari, Kerobokan, North Kuta, a convenient location as well […]

Baroc Holds Third Concert For Bali

IMG_20200920_042630595 – Bali-Seminyak, 19September2020. Baroc-Bali Rock Community is now holding another third series with the theme Bali is still alive, #Bali is Still a Live. Santa Fe Seminyak always supports making a concert stage for […]

Prime in Open Gulai Smoked Chicken

IMG_20200914_213751944 – Aris Mardani (Black) said that this smoked Gulai chicken does have a unique taste, during a press conference at Keday Smoked Gulai Chicken on Jalan Marboro Barat in front of Karaoke De Berry […]

Chef Chris Salans Honored by the French Government

_IMG_000000_000000 – Ubud Bali – The Mozaic Group is proud to announce that Chris Salans, chefowner of Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique and Dine@Home, Bali, has just been granted the Order of Agricultural Merit by the government […]