Photography Services That Millennials Are Increasingly Interested in During a Pandemic


Bali – An unforgettable memory and memory, of course it is very unfortunate if it is not saved from a photo or moving visual, the inspiring phenomenon of a beautiful and exotic location, can be a strong attraction for photography. During this pandemic, millennials still active and full of creativity in expressing a photo and visual work. Friday, September 17, 2021.
Likewise with Reno Dewangga Putra who has photography and videography skills that have been proven to exist among millennials with the name Instagram
Hospitality is also able to respond widely and meaningfully to the work of photography.
“Whatever your needs regarding photography and videography are, we are ready to be creative and collaborate, of course with the quality of work that satisfies the clients. For millennials, a photo and moment can inspire an idea and idea. Don’t miss an important moment, because an event cannot it will happen again.” said Reno as owner of Zhi Harvest Photography in Bali.
The model is also influential for photography, of course for a product or fashion photo and also the location of the photo. The current movement of the Balinese economy makes it an important moment in starting a business that has the opportunity for a millennial market, and becomes a new lifestyle.
Bali with its exotic and phenomenal natural beauty in the eyes of this world, a photography and videography work is able to express Bali in the eyes of the international world. (Tim, Alex).