The first event of the 2019 lSA Wine Festival, Held in Hatten.


#Ms. Kertawidyawati the President of iSA Bali Chapter.
DETEKSIPOST.COM – SANUR – BALI – Indonesia Sommelier Association ISA Bail Chapter proud to share the first ISA Wine Festival 2019 held in beautitui Hatten Building Garden In Sanur on 12 September 2019.
Event conjunction with Hatten Education center the first indonesia approved program provider of wine and spirit education trust WSET from UK.
Institution that establish from 1969 for certification of wine. spirit and sake. As this week from 9 to 15 September 2019 is very special as WSET created Worid wide wine event; “wine education week” collaboration event in 45 country with more than 450 event inclusive today wine festival.
In this festival there are 29 company Join the event presenting their finest product of Wines. Cheese, Chocolate. Tea. Coffee. Cigar and other culinary. 8 wines produce and distribution presenting their product for tasting and selling during the event entertain by Acoustic band and DJ performance.
Is not iSA event if there Is no educational part during the event. there are fun wine challenge competition on blind tasting for our Sommelier.
The participant of the festival are Puri Pangan Utama, Prambanan Kencana. Krakakoa Chocolate. Bahana Genia Victory, Kopi Bali. Mason Chocolate, Vin+, Rosalie Cheese. iSA Bali Chapter, PT. Zenith, isola Wines, Sababay. Best Wines. Pratama Agung Niaga Pan Bali.
BIN Cigar, PT. Sari Buah Anggur, Dewata Sukses PerkasaDSP, Hatten Wines. Amarta Group Nusantara. Meisindo, indoguna. Bali Pink Ribbon, Bali Women international Association BIWA. Dilmah, Aroma, Warung Satay. WOW Burger Food Truck, Mobipasta Food Truck. Rasa punya cerita Food Truck
‘Realiy exciting with this event and appreciated on the feedback of our partner for supporting the event. The wines and culinary pairing throughout the event will be spoil our guest who come to the festival, looking forward to continuing this event in the future’,said Ms. Kertawidyawati the President of iSA Bali Chapter.(Team)