Qaiser Cares for Ukraine in Bali


DETEKSIPOST.COM – Bali, 3.10.2022. Music as a communication and hobby, has now become a concept for an event. Often it becomes a special attraction for the wider community, especially Bali today which always holds many national and international scale events.
Qaiser, as a teenager who is still 15 years old, has held a music event themed Concert for Ukraine in Bali. A great achievement and inspiration for many people, of course, because it is a real proof of tolerance and social care.
As an Indonesian citizen, Qaiser, who is still in school, has a noble and sincere goal. “Together with friends and all who support this event, I thank you very much for the success of this social care event. for me, as well as schools, and the Ukrainian consulate who was also present at yesterday’s event,” he concluded.
“Hoping to be an inspiration for the younger generation, and also musicians, even though this event is only one moment. Maybe in the future we will make another tolerance solidarity event.”
Bali, which has various cultures and cultures, and believes in the concept of Karma, is a positive and meaningful thing for anyone who visits Bali. Tourism, which has recently begun to improve, accompanied by the G20 Summit in Bali, is expected to be able to revive the Indonesian economy extensively.(team).