Act Local Impact Global A Forum Of Positive Environmental Changer for The Travel.


DETEKSIPOST.COM – SEMINYAK – BALI – Indonesia 31 JULY 2019 Act Local Impact Global Forum (ALIG) fifth instalment is hosted by The Mill Restaurant, located at the new Starbucks Reserve Dewata Store complex in Seminyak, Bali.
The Mission AUG is to bring together stakeholders from the travel, tourism and hospitality Industry «1 Asna, to collectively contribute to an urgency need to shift human behaviours to more sustainable actmns, and commit to positive outcomes for Mother FOR THE SAKE OF THE NEXT GENERATION.
The AUG tomm was founded in August 2018. to bring awareness to stakeholders of the industry in Ame ot the commitment made by global stakeholders from the travel. hospitality and hosputalnty (their men) in May 2018 at a meeting In the United States. to reduce the Industries reliance on ptesttcs and other hermtul waste.
TRAVEL INDUSTRY TAKES AIM at REDUCING PLASTIC WASTE 8/05/31 /hotels-airlines-airports-cruises-getting-ridplastic-straws-and-waste/658804002/ via USA Today.
Today we have inspirational speakers from the Bali Hotel Association, Indonesian Ministry of Sustainable Tourism, Indonesian Restaurant and Hotel Association, Eco Bali, 350id, Green Peace Indonesia, Green School Bali, Java Mountain Coffee, Marriott International, One Island One Voice, Potato Head Family, and the WWF Indonesia.
Asia is home to the world’s two biggest plastic polluters, China and Indonesia. The travel and tourism sector is one of the largest economic sectors globally, supporting one in 10 jobs, (313 million) worldwide and generating 10.4% of the world GDP according to The World Tourism
Council. The travel and tourism industry experienced 4.6% growth in 2017, compared to the global
economy of 3% and in some Asian countries the taxable returns from tourism accounts for up to 25% income.
AIG believes there are no cross boarders when it comes to contributing to positive environmental change for Mother Nature.
“It is the responsibility of us all, to collectively work together to bring change inside one of the world’s biggest economic sectors; the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, so we can all forge new measured sustainable footprints, that ultimately will help Mother Nature, and leave our planet
in better shape than the 2018 projected trajectories for the generations to come”. Intan Westlake, Partner of the Act Local Impact Global forum.
About Act Local Impact Global Forum
Act Local Impact Global was first established on 31 August 2018, to bring awareness in Asia to a new global commitment made by stakeholders of the travel and tourism industry to reduce their reliance on plastic and other harmful waste.
The first forum response and subsequent tour forums have had an incredible attendance by stakeholders to share, embrace new and needed human behaviours, and to make commitments for positive change.
ALlG supporters include; Alila Resorts Bali, Bali Hotel Association, Cafe del Mar, Conrad Bali, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta, Element by Westin, Eco Bali, Green School Bali, Jakarta Hotel’s Association, Java Mountain Coffee, Marriott International, Ministry of Sustainable Tourism, One Island One Voice, Perhimpunan Hotel Dan Restoran, Potato Head Bali, Starbucks Indonesia, WWF Indonesia.
Media contributors include; Bali NOW!, CNN Indonesia, Comunicatfe International, Epicure, Global Traveler, Jakarta Globe, Jakarta NOW!, Kompas, media Online,, dan