The King Film Becomes the Opening Film of 2019 Balinale


DETEKSIPOST.COM – Denpasar – BALI – In an enchanting 13th year that is no less astounding than in previous years, Balinale gall International Film Festival 2019 returns with a total of 93 films by talented filmmakers from 28 country.
Aired at the newest cinema complex on the island of Bali, namely CINEMAXX Sidewalk Jimbaran Jalan Uluwatu, Badung, Balinale held for 6 days with screenings
Inaugural, film performances and workshops on September 24-29. Balinale itself is one of the oldest film festivals in Indonesia.
This 13th annual event will be a fascinating event for a diverse Indonesian mm audience, so that this event will be increasingly popular as the year goes on.
A number of Indonesian films that were registered have been selected and will be screened. This screening includes production from Balinese filmmakers themselves.
The general public can buy tickets for general film screenings and short film programs directly at the Cinemaxx cinema or online at www.cinemamaxxtheaterscom.
There are also a limited number of Festival Passes tickets which include admission to an exclusive event exclusively for invited guests. Visit the page www.galinalecom.
Youth-themed stories and children have received special attention this year. That is because, Maryanne Redpath, who is a film curator from the Berlinale in Germany; will share his thoughts in the Bedinale Spotlight Generation workshop. Redpath has made himself different from the others.
Also in the world of film by continuing to make films with the theme of children. At this year’s BaIinale, he will present the films he has chosen from screenings at the Berlinale.
Balinale’s opening film, The King (2019), was imported directly from his World Premier at the Venice Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world.
The King (2019) is a historical drama set in the 15th century directed by David Michéd and written by Michéd and Joel Edgerton.
The film features an Oscar nominated classmate, of whom is Timothée Qhalamet. Joel GDqerton, §ean Harrig, Lin-Rose Qggg, Robert Pattinson, and Ben Mendelsohn.
Michbd was present at Balinale 2010 with his film, Animal Kingdom.
Bumi Manusia (Man’s Earth) (2019) directed by Hanung Bramantyo, one of Indonesia’s foremost directors; and written by Salman Aristo will close the 2019 Balinale event series.
This historical biographical drama was adapted from a novel of the same name by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The film stars Iqbaal Ramadhan, Mawar Eva de Jongh, and Sha lne Febriyanti. The filmmaker will also be present at Balinale 2019.
Part of the annual Bali International Film Festival is the BalinaleX Industry Forum, an event that brings together prominent filmmakers from all over the world and Indonesia.
The forum hosted by GFS Indonesia this time took the theme “Spotlight Indonesia” as a convergence for Indonesian and international filmmakers who shared their knowledge and experiences in front of a professional audience of the film industry.
“This one day program is an opportunity for open dialogue, connecting, and socializing with fellow mm makers, as well as a possibility to collaborate in the future. Topics to be discussed include: Audience.”
Indonesia, how to understand and present a story that is loved by the audience. Indonesian platform, what is suitable for perfulman.
Indonesian Content, producers and filmmakers discuss how to export Indonesian content.
Global Indonesia, Indonesian and international producers discuss opportunities and challenges in working in the content market. (Team).