International Tourism Leaders’ Summit 2022, The New Wave of Tourism Paradigm

BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – “Exchanging ideas, conception, and perception believed as a congenial instrument to redevelop the future of hospitality business. Besides, World Tourism Day 2022 should be celebrated as a perpetual festive to reflect on what has changed in tourism industry recently. As a distinguished association of tourism forerunner, Indonesian Hotel General Management Association (IHGMA) DPD Bali setting up an International Tourism Leader Summit 2022 (ITLS 2022) with a meritorious hope for the future of hospitality business in the island of Bali”, Monday 26 September 2022.
As an assembly of hospitality leaders, International Tourism Leader Summit 2022 (ITLS 2022) will be held in Bali on 26th and 27th of September 2022. Initiated by Indonesian Hotel General Management Association (IHGMA) DPD Bali, the convention brings up the theme “Rethinking, Redefining and Reshaping of Tourism, from Stability to Sustainability”.
Take place in Ksirarnawa Art Centre, this leader summit will presenting twenty-four various speakers with a diverse background and capabilities in tourism industry. “This event will act as a repository of diversified paradigm and opinions for a sustainable tourism development”, said Komang Artana, the Chairman Committee of ITLS 2022.
Dr. Yoga Iswara, BBA., BBM., MM., CHA, acting as the head of IHGMA DPD Bali, reckon that COVID-19 pandemics taught a great lesson for many hospitality leaders, especially in the island of Bali where tourism is very important for the local economy.
“As a result of this phenomenon, they have learned that the pandemic is a momentum to redevelop the concept of the hospitality business. It should have a clear concept, technique, and a tactful implementation to be beneficial for the next generation. Being sustainable is a main key”, added him.
According to Public Relations of IHGMA DPD Bali, Milka Sitorus cited several interests that wants to be highlighted during this event. “First, we would like to outline the concept, definition, and implementation of tourism in a new archetype. Second, we want to embody our commitment to provide a sustainable tourism by harmonizing the profit, people, and planet mindset in daily basis. Lastly, we desiderate to socialize a new tourism attitude that will be more prudent, judicious, and constructive for all generations”.
IHGMA DPD Bali is creating this prestigious event as the way to commemorating the World Tourism Day 2022. More than thousands of participants have been registered in this event, both offline and online. With a hybrid method to carry out this conference, a larger output is expected to give a greater chance for everyone to participate and exchange their mind in this remarkable concourse.(team).