Prime in Open Gulai Smoked Chicken

IMG_20200914_213751944 – Aris Mardani (Black) said that this smoked Gulai chicken does have a unique taste, during a press conference at Keday Smoked Gulai Chicken on Jalan Marboro Barat in front of Karaoke De Berry Denpasar Bali. Monday, September 14, 2020.
According to Black, the smoked chicken with a long process is able to create a distinctive flavor, as well as formulated with gulai spices that attract culinary hunters, “he explained.
In addition, with a super affordable price, of course, open from 6 in the afternoon until it runs out.
“The culinary business fronted by hospitality friends, of course, has become a distinctive icon of Gulai Smoked Chicken,” said Black.
The current pandemic period has led to various business creativities, especially in Bali, which is the majority of the world tourism sector.
“Health protocol is an absolute prerequisite for advancing the Balinese economy, which is expected to be better in the future,” said Black.
Please come for the lovers of Gulai Smoked Chicken in Bali, especially Denpasar. Enjoying the beauty of culinary tours at night with a variety of entertainment and dishes to captivate the tongue, “he concluded.
Gulai Smoked Chicken as one of the special menus in Aceh, with a blend of spices adjusted this time with the Balinese version of spices.
“Nanda, as a seller of Gulai smoked chicken, said that for a while customers are starting to know,” he explained. (Team).