The First Spicy Burger in Indonesia


BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – Satriya, as the owner of Spicy Burger, said, thank God, that the pandemic will be more crowded, at Spicy Burger, next to the Praja Raksaka Pamogan Dormitory, South Denpasar Bali. Friday (12/24/2021).
In Bali, the appetite for burgers with various levels of spiciness is certainly unique to try as a contemporary variant for millennials at the end of 2021.
With the Burger Kalap brand, which has grown in ten locations in Indonesia, namely Bali, there are three locations, Jogjakarta, Medan, Jakarta, and then the city of Solo.
“Emerging during the pandemic, the spicy burger concept that has been running is in great demand by unique culinary hunters. There has never been this type before, so it becomes a different character from the others,” he explained.
“In addition, Burger with a spicy taste during the pandemic, has been able to survive up to now in 10 places,” said Satriya as the founder and owner.
Bali, which inspires culinary masters, has always been creative without limits, this is a work of art in the diverse culinary fields.
“By returning to normal Bali tourism, in 2021 for the future in 2022, in the context of Christmas and New Year, it will be a memorable moment for a vacation after living life with daily routines for a long time,” he concluded. (the team).