People Participate in Blood Donation at Denpasar Military Oditur

IMG_20211125_145056692 – Bali with its various natural beauties as well as polite culture and tolerance between religious communities are always a top priority. Thursday. November 25, 2021.
“This blood donation event was opened by Bagus Laksmana, a representative from the Mayor of Denpasar,” he explained.
The Denpasar Military Prosecutor as the Military Prosecutor in the Bali Nusra region, this time held a blood donation activity which was also attended by the surrounding community.
“With strict health protocols, the community is able to respond positively, as well as socialize health protocols for the community,” he said. Marine Colonel Marliah SH. MH.
“According to Marine Colonel Marliah, there were 80 blood donors present today from the community and the military, 44 ampoules were passed for blood donation for PMI. This is the first time we open this blood donation activity to the public, namely the public.” he concluded.
Actually, we hold this blood donation activity every year. Next month on December 3, we will have Babinhum’s birthday, as well as socialization of health protocols,” said Marliah when she was met by the media crew at a blood donation event at the Denpasar Military Oditur today.
There are currently five Military Oditur in Indonesia, Denpasar is one of them. There are other cities such as Medan, Surabaya, Cimahi, West Java, and Banjar Baru, Kalimantan, as well as Irian Jaya.
As a legal prosecutor in the military, the Denpasar Military Oditur always maintains a good relationship with the community, one of which is by holding positive activities such as blood donation, as well as other activities.
Bali, which has the nickname the island of the gods, is also the island of love, namely peace with the concept of cultural culture that is believed by the Balinese people. TriHita Karana as the basis of culture is peace to fellow humans, the universe and, God Almighty. So far, the concept has worked well so that Bali has a positive value in the eyes of the international community.
Especially as an exotic natural destination that is second to none in other countries. Various recognitions have been rolled out from various countries for the island of Bali which has its own uniqueness in Indonesia.(team).