Determination of the UMM Badung Foundation Program.


BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – UMM Foundation. Brotherhood of Mosques, Mushola and Muslim Councils in Badng Regency, Saturday (27/11).
The activities of the UMM Badung Foundation were confirmed by the Regent represented by Assistant I Nyoman Sujendra, witnessed by Dandim 1611 Badung. Badung Police Chief. and the Denpasar Police Chief.
Meanwhile, the UMM Foundation is a legal entity consisting of assets that are separated and intended to achieve certain goals in the social, religious and humanitarian fields.
In addition, the motto of the UMM foundation, namely:
The same should not be distinguished, the different should not be equated.
“While the vision is the realization of the harmony of the Muslim ummah without distinguishing the same and equating the different,” he concluded.
This is the Mission to Move the Leaders of Mosques, Mushola and Ta’lim Councils so that harmony and cohesiveness can be realized in the Islamic ukhuwah forum,” he said.
“The chairman of UMM H. Harry, said that this program is to unite the views of public affairs, in the nation and state based on Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, Bhinneka Tunggal Ikka within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he explained.
Hary said that the goal of the UMM Foundation is to realize Islamic Brotherhood among the Mosques, Musholla and the Ta’lim Council, which are located in Badung Regency,” he concluded.
Then the UMM Foundation, its function, is as a forum for friendship between Muslims in the Badung Regency area,
Help solve problems if they occur in mosques, prayer rooms that occur in the area of ​​Bsdung Regency,
Help facilitate, mediate and advocate for the problems of Muslims in Badung Regency.
“As a forum for the joining of Muslim figures who are anti-radical and intolerance in an effort to prevent terrorists,” he explained.
UMM was formed as an implementation of the results of the 2016 Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) of the Ukhuwah Islamiah Commission and the Harmony of the DP MUI Badung community for the period: 2015 – 2020.
The UMM initiators are:
H. Muhammad Fauzi / Chairman of the Commission, H. Hardilan, S.H./ Secretary of the Commission.
In 2017, UMM KUTA SELATAN was formed.
In 2019, the UMM KUTA UTARA Forum was formed.
In 2020 the UMM KUTA Forum was formed.
today the UMM BADUNG Foundation was formed.
II.Work Program.
The UMM Badung Foundation has a Work Program, as follows:
1 Education Sector:
A. Establishment of a Formal Islamic School.
B. Establishment of Islamic boarding school, informal.
2. Law and Human Rights Sector:
A. Legal Aid Services for the weak who have litigation.
B. Providing public outreach so that they are aware of the law.
3.Health Sector
A. Free health services to the community.
B. Establishment of a Hospital.
4. Social Welfare
A. Provision of grave / grave land.
B. Mass circumcision (team).