Traces of the History of the Struggle at Puri Agung Carangsari-Bali


BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – Along with the changing times with technology and lifestyle, even history must be preserved and maintained at any time. in Carangsari Village, Badung Regency, Bali Saturday, (27/11).
As the successor of lineage and genealogy at Puri Agung Carangsari-Bali; three of the five grandchildren of the late Lieutenant I Gusti
Ngurah Putra as a warrior hero, namely,
1. AA Ngurah Agung Suardiarta.
2. AA Ngurah Gede Suarta ss.
3. AA Ngurah Arka Yudana.
Telling the history of his parents and previous ancestors, “Our father had served in Palembang as a police officer at that time, since returning to Bali, we have preserved and preserved the traditions and culture at Puri Agung Carangsari from year to year until now.
“As a historical relic that was quite long during that period, namely the Puputan Margarana war in Bali in 1946. Puri Agung Carangsari contributed a lot in the struggle against the invaders at that time, by remembering his service, I Gusti Ngurah Putra as a friend in arms of I Gusti Ngurah Rai , “he concluded.
“This is an inspiration and a spirit of struggle to advance the nation to be more advanced and prosperous, according to the ideals of the ancestors of long ago,” he explained.
The maintenance of Puri Agung Carangsari is still in the process of repairing certain places that have become history that should be preserved as one of the cultures and tourism in Bali,” said AA Ngurah Agung Suardiarta.
Hoping not to be forgotten in a history of this nation’s struggle, Bali has quite a few heroic stories in the fight against colonialism, namely the Puputan Badung war in Bali.
The spirit of struggle that is still strong today, Bali is able to become a well-maintained and sustainable tourist destination until now. Indonesia is also proud of the many achievements and predicates of Bali in the eyes of the international community, even though in a pandemic situation it is able to survive and to rise again.
Bali Bangkit is a struggle for us together in terms of economy and tourism. The end of 2021, which is full of international events in Bali, is a real proof of the spirit of struggle by always remembering the services of the ancient warriors. (team).