BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – In commemoration of the 31st Ukrainian Independence Day which falls on August 24, 2022, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Denpasar Ball, facilitates Ukrainian citizens living in Bali to donate basic necessities to Sesetan Village residents who are in need, “In a situation of concern because of the war situation. “Besides helping Ukrainians who are fighting in Ukraine, Ukrainian donors in Bali on behalf of Vladymyr and Viktoria Muntian, also donate basic necessities for Sesetan residents who really need it,” said Nyoman Astama, Honorary Consul (Konhor) of Ukraine in Denpasar, Bali.
Astama added, “that donations in the form of 5 tons of rice are packaged in 2,500 packages along with other basic needs such as cooking oil, sugar and instant noodles. To make the basic food packages meet the basic needs of families in need, the package was added by the Sesetan Village community leader, Mr. Nyoman Nirka as much as 5 tons of rice and additional instant noodles for the 2,500 packages.”
The handover ceremony was carried out by the donor directly to the recipients of basic necessities on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at Arga Soka Field Banjar Pegok, Sesetan, South Denpasar, Bali.
On the same occasion, the donor, Mr. Vladymyr Muntian, said, “This is a real concern for us as Ukrainian citizens living in Bali to help ease the burden on the people in Bali whose economy is very down, especially during the pandemic,” Mr. Muntian added that “besides donating to the people in Bali, he also helps and donates to Ukrainian citizens who are facing a situation of concern during the war in Ukraine, in the form of food and drinks, cold clothes, needed sleeping equipment.”
Sesetan Village community leader, Mr. Nyoman Nirka hopes that this donation can help ease the burden on people who are in dire need. ” Even though this donation cannot meet all the needs of the community, our good intentions and real concern as fellow citizens for the people in Bali and in Sesetan in particular, can increase the sense of brotherhood and shared destiny in this difficult time of the pandemic, especially in August where the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia also commemorates the 77th independence day.”
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Nyoman Astama, SE, MM, CHA Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Ball.(team).