The Chief of Staff of Koarmada III Received a Working Visit of the Deputy Pushidrosal


DETEKSIPOST.COM – Sorong West Papua – Chief of Staff Koarmada III First Admiral TNI Rudhi Aviantara IH, SE, M.Sc, M.Tr (Han) who was accompanied by Kapok Sahli Koarmada III First Admiral TNI Yohanis Yulius Tamoni received a Working Visit from the Deputy Commander (Wadan) of the Hydro Center Oceanography of the Indonesian Navy/Pushidrosal Rear Admiral TNI Budi Purwanto, S.T., M.M., located in the Pacific Room Mako Koarmada III, Katapop, Sorong Regency, West Papua. Friday (18/11/22).
In his remarks, the Chief of Staff of Koarmada III, welcomed the Wadan Pushidrosal and his staff, then gave a glimpse of the conditions of development developments in Command Headquarters Koarmada III and the working area of ​​Koarmada III.
Meanwhile the Wadan Pushidrosal on the occasion expressed his gratitude for the welcome given by Koarmada III, and also expressed his pride in the existence and development of the Mako Koarmada III development, and conveyed the aims and objectives of his working visit, where one of them was to carry out inspections and surveys in Sele Strait around the waters of PT KPI RU VII Kasim Sorong Pier, as well as discussing the inlet and reserve channels of Mako Koarmada III Pier.
After the reception ceremony in the Pacific Room Command Headquarters Koarmada III, there was an exchange of placards and a group photo in front of Command Headquarters Command III. Present at that time were the Main Officers of the Commanding Officers III and the Unit Commander of the Commanding Officers III. (Team/Red/Dispen Koarmada III)