Ikawangi Holds Family Gathering Event, Gathering Activities.

BALI – DTEKSIPOST.COM – Ikawangi, Badung Branch held a Family Gathering Event, Gathering together in order to strengthen the relationship between all Ikawangi Members and their Families.
In addition, in an event that has the nuances of Banyuwangi’s Traditional Culture, at the Muntig Siokan Inspiration Park, Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Sunday (25/09/2022).
Meanwhile, the event was attended by all Ikawangi Branch Managers throughout the Province of Bali, who participated in enlivening the activity.
Meanwhile, the song “Umbul-Umbul Blambangan” became a pride song that was often sung together.
The Family Gathering event was also attended by Rawan Atma Jaya (a member of the Bali Province Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) from the Golkar faction), I Wayan Suyasa, SH (Vice Chairman of the Badung Regency DPRD), and I Nyoman Karyan.
The Deputy Chairperson of the Badung DPRD, I Wayan Suyasa, SH, gave full appreciation and support to the Bali Ikawangi Organization and at the same time provided support on the existence of Ikawangi in Bali.
Deputy Chairman of the DPRD I Wayan Suyasa S.H. said “The Banyuwangi Overseas Community who are members of the Ikawangi Dewata Bali, are also already part of the Balinese Family.
“According to I Wayan Suyasa, in this case, we must maintain mutual respect, mutual respect and mutual respect,” he explained.
The Chairperson of Ikawangi Dewata Bali, Agus Tinus Winjaya, SH, said, “Ikawangi is one of the organizations that maintains the Arts and Culture of the Banyuwangi Region.
“Winjaya said, Therefore, every time there are Ikawangi Events, such as the 2022 Family Gathering, Banyuwangi Traditional Arts are always displayed,” he explained.
The 2022 Family Gathering activity, which was initiated by the Badung Branch of Ikawangi, led by H Nurul Hadi, as the Host of the Event Organizer, and attended by all Ikawangi Branch Heads throughout the Province of Bali, is proof of the togetherness to strengthen the friendship,” he explained.
This is in accordance with the Oseng Language Slogan (Ed, Banyuwangi Regency Language) “RIKO DULUR ISUN, ISUN DULUR RIKO, ISUN LAN RIKO SEDULURAN SELAWASE (You are my brother, I am your brother, I and you are brothers forever)”.(team).