Musician Steve Nanuru, Musical Opportunity in 2022


Photo caption: Media Interview with Musician Steve Nanuru
BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – After the success of the Peluk Nusantara event at Park 23 Creative Hub Bali, Steve Nanuru sees various opportunities in the coming year, namely 2022.
As a musician who has traveled the world to various countries, he believes that Bali is the center of the world’s destination, especially in the field of music and culture.
“This was conveyed after the event, entitled Hug the Archipelago in 2021, was held with quite a lot of positive responses from various groups.” Reveal. Musician Steve.
In 2022, Bali as the host of the G20 Summit with 6,500 delegates is able to become an opportunity for Bali’s recovery that has been affected by this pandemic, especially in the fields of tourism and the economy.
“The big concept for music and musicians in 2022 is the right moment for us to rise again, especially on the island of Bali,” he concluded.
So that we will prepare various events in early 2022 by collaborating on social humanitarian activities and activities, and caring for the universe,” he said when he was met by journalists from the media crew at the Park23 Bali creativity exhibition area.
As a source of various inspirations, Bali as the island of the gods always inspires many people, including music and its musicians.(team).