4220 Sate Lilit Goes International


NUSA DUA – BALI – DTEKSIPOST.COM – Strengthening cultural tourism based on local wisdom in the global era within the framework of Indonesian unity. The collaboration offering of Bali Poltekpar – ICA BPD Bali-DPD AHLI Bali. By Drs. Ida Bagus Putu Puja, M. Kes as Director of POLTEKPAR Bali, Chef Hendra Mahena as Chair of ICA BPD Bali, and Eka Pertama as Chair of DPD EXPERT Bali. This event was held right on September 30, 2022, located at Plaza Saraswati, Poltekpar Bali.
Welcoming the G20 Summit in Bali later this year, the community was very enthusiastic and responded positively. This time as many as 4,220 sate lilit were made in the context of worldwide sate lilit, this is as conveyed by Eka Pertama as chairman of DPD AHLI Bali, “Collaboration to commemorate tourism day world tourism in Bali which fell on September 27, the number of satays which is the 42nd celebration of the world tourism day and the G20 Summit in Bali, bringing the total number of satays to 4,220 sate lilit on Friday (30/9/2022).
In accordance with the worldwide theme of sate lilit so that the culture of local wisdom can be known by all countries visiting Bali. With the unity of various organizations and communities, we are confident and optimistic that we can advance and develop strongly together.
Indonesia is a big country that is strong in going through the pandemic period and the global economy, so that next year’s challenges are optimistic that we can survive and progress better.” The event was also attended by representatives from all regencies or regions in Bali.
“The satay wrap that we make has the concept of fate, which is made from five elements; nata, chicken, beef, fish, and pork. For ICA itself, there are 720 chefs from all regions in Bali. To unite cultural tourism to be more global, the program at the end of this year we will launch a book containing local menus as cultural wisdom that is packaged in a more beautiful way,” concluded Chef Hendra Mahena as chairman of the Bali Chapter of DPD ICA.
This big event was deliberately held at the Bali Poltekpar Campus as a forum for tourism education that is more developed according to the direction of the Ministry of Education, namely Freedom to Learn, Freedom to Work, and Freedom to Be Creative.
Bali has experienced various trials for more than two and a half years, now is the right time to wake up and be optimistic about the future. It can be seen from the number of tourist visits that have increased sharply and tend to be excessive, now it is expected to be able to raise the overall level of the economy in Indonesia. (team).