Big Hat Bali in Great Demand by Hat Lovers


DETEKSIPOST.COM – Denpasar-Bali, 24.7.2022, Bali as a fashion and tourism destination that has been worldwide until now has often become the center of attention of various groups.
Since the 1920s hats have become a complement to lifestyle and fashion, as well as different looks have become a trend of various ages, both women and men.
Bighat Bali, which is located around Jl. Imam Bonjol Denpasar, has long had a wide collection of various hats, both for fashion shows and the lifestyle of today’s young people.
Hendrik as the owner also revealed, “Hats have become a lifestyle for a long time, there are quite a lot of fans from various circles. Even this hat from BigHat Bali has been used in various other countries such as Europe, Australia, America, and Africa.”
Just as events in Bali are currently often used for fashion shows, hats are a complement to fashion shows. In the future, BigHat Bali will collaborate with various fashion events with a wider segment of course.
Entering 2022 in welcoming the Bali G20 Summit, various international events have been held in various places in Bali. This is believed to be able to encourage the pace of Bali’s economy to be better in the future.
With the advantages of this exotic nature, Bali is the only place that inspires in various fields, from fashion to music and art.
For the hat-loving community, sometimes please visit BigHat Bali to enjoy various types of hats, which are quite unique as a complement to fashion, of course. Even Instagram as a social media, BigHat Bali can also provide information for hat fans in various parts of the world.
BigHat Bali as a provider the most complete collection of hats in Bali, until now it has become the interest of national and international artists and even then has been proven.(team).