Peaceful Christmas with the Chairman of the DPRD Badung, Bali


BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – The feel of Christmas in 2021 in Bali, which seems to be running smoothly and wisdom for Christians around the world, is proof of religious tolerance that has been maintained until now. Saturday (12/25/2021).
This time the Christmas celebration was at the residence of the Chairman of the Badung Bali DPRD, Dr. Drs. I Putu Parwata MK, M.M as an open house event to celebrate the 2021 Christmas Day, on the sidelines of this Christmas event. conveyed, “The source of peace and peace for all of us in the framework of this 2021 Christmas may be able to become a benchmark of peace for Christians and the surrounding community.
At the same time, it is a hope that Bali’s economy and tourism will recover until this pandemic. “Peaceful optimism is a blessing and a blessing for all of us in welcoming the new year 2022,” he concluded.
Bali as an island of peace, as well as a peaceful destination that has existed for generations, is a source of inspiration for the peace of humans, the universe, and God as the Creator.
In early 2022, Bali will host major events involving many countries, one of which is the G20 Summit in Nusa Dua Bali and other events.
In addition, it is proof that Bali has always been a top priority for Indonesia in maintaining good relations with other countries in the international world at any time, so that it is maintained in a conducive and harmonious manner.(team).