l Gede Supartha’s family accepts the proposal of Anak Agung Satria’s family


DETEKSIPOST.COM – Bali is very thick with its customs in every ceremony, whether it’s a Nyadnya or a marriage proposal ceremony in Bali, known as medik ngidih or proposing. The event is usually held a few days before the wedding itself.
As did the family of l Gede Supartha, Ibu Lilik Sinawasih, on the day that was considered auspicious, accepting an application or Memdik ngidih from the family of Anak Agung Satria from Griya Panjer took place at Sidakarya 27, South Denpasar. Monday 19/09/22.
During the event, all of l Gede Supartha’s close relatives were also from the closest neighbors including friends from the media crew who were members of the PJID – Bali Democracy.
Meanwhile, from the Anak Agung Satria side, they also delivered and at the same time gave a blessing and asked the family of l Gede Sumartha Bendesa adat and other Hindu religious leaders.
Ni Putu Karina Dewi, who is familiarly called Ninik di Areca or Memadik ngidih by Anak Agung Satria.
In the ceremony of asking for the hand, the stake holders ….. from the temple…
I Gede Supartha would like to thank the big family of Anak Agung Satria, family relatives and friends from PJI – Democracy Bali who were present to witness and offer their blessing for my Son’s Promise.
“Hopefully Ida Hyang Widi Wasa will give Asung Kerta Nugranya,” said I Gede Supartha. (team).