Jawel Husin Turns Cooking into Music in Bali

DETEKSIPOST.COM – Ubud-Bali, 29.9.2022. After various culinary festivals held in Bali until now, more and more food lovers, both from local and foreign countries also attended. Bali is also a diverse culinary destination, from vegetarian and non-vegetarian, so that creating various communities of food and drink lovers with character. Including super exotic natural nuances as full support when enjoying food, of course.
Starting from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal creativity itself, this time it is quite authentic from a way of cooking that is created into a song for music, “Perhaps this is the first time that is seen as a new concept in musical art,” said Jawel Husin as the creator for his unique and authentic music.
Jawel Husin is a former professional chef of five-star hotels as well as a culinary entrepreneur with a business brand “ExN Food”, which has superior products of seasoned flour, and works as a culinary consultant. “Music is part of expressing the love and grace that God has given, actively writing songs since I was a teenager until now there are approximately 50 songs that have been written, in loving music and cooking, I created a concept how to unite a slick musical performance with a delicious cooking demo, which then in 2018 I released the concept of “cooking concert”which I did cooking demonstration while singing a song.”
“Developing my love for Indonesian cuisine, I wanted to tell the history, events, passion, and other sides of a dish. I wrote cooking stories through music, called the ‘4C project’ “cooking concert ,concert cooking” ideals of struggle and love, my songs entitled food which has been released on youtube ” 1. Dua RASA, 2. KOLAK. and some are still in production / waiting for release 3. Nasi Goreng, 4. ASAM MANIS, 5. REndang, 6. KETUPAT LEBARAN, 7. SOTO and the song that was performed at a live performance in the city of Jember is a song about belief in work entitled ” Me and my work ” and the song about the struggle of a mother with the title ” the mother keeper ” there are many others that make many people curious for sure.
This “Appreciation for the Creation of Indonesia in 2022 is my first hope of holding a cooking story through beautiful and memorable song rhythms that are suitable for millennials, as well as focusing on local Indonesian cuisine and always campaigning proudly for local culinary. other cooking chefs to love and be proud of Indonesian cuisine and make millennials aware that our cuisine is the most rich and the best.
The selection process was quite long, namely at the beginning of this year filling out the registration form and filling out all questions about the works submitted to the curation committee -AKI 2022- including writing about the originality and authenticity of the work and accountability for the work, and then it was announced that finalists, based on the chosen city that I chose, after that they did a live performance at the appreciation show event, which was actually carried out in 16 regions, and at that time I chose the city of Jember because it was closest to where I currently live, in Bali. ”
After holding a live performance session, we still have to do an online performance through the GoPlay application at least four times, from approximately 100 works that enter the final round, I was chosen to be one of the 7 best works and one of them is a solo singer, the other is a band. , and will perform on the peak night of awarding the best musical works of 2022 “the ministry of tourism and creative economy 2022 is located at AEON MALL BSD on 6-9 October 2022.
The stage concept that will be displayed is “cooking concert”which will perform its own original songs and top list songs in order to invite the audience to sing along, and will prepare a surprise action for the audience in attendance.
Proud is my feeling right now, and in the future I will be doing more positive works that can inspire, and will increase collaboration collaboration with actors who have the same interest and motivation in music and are proud to be Indonesian, proud of diversity, products. culture, pluralism and diversity, through the youtube channel “jawelhusin” invites the participation of all generations of the nation.
Thus music is a perfect means of communication and makes the human body healthy. Bali remains optimistic as a destination that is able to inspire the world, and the exoticism of the universe is the best until now has been proven from the past until whenever.(team).