The owner of Damena Fish Market Bali wants justice for his land


BALI – DETEKSIPOST.COM – After the pandemic and over time, the economic recovery in Bali has started to improve lately in 2022. Likewise with export commodities, such as fish and marine products, which are now starting to improve in growth rates, especially in Bali. Thursday (24/11/2022).
The impact of the large international scale event that was held in Bali has resulted in a revival of the tourism sector economy as well as other sectors including fisheries commodities. As a fish supplier that has been quite successful for more than ten years, Damena Fish Market in Bali has been a significant foreign exchange earner for several years. ago.
This time the owner of Damena Fish Market feels that his land needs justice until now, namely the land that becomes an access road for passage.
“Why do I have to pass through my land? Meanwhile, there are other roads,” said Komang Ari Widiyanti as the owner of the Land Ownership Certificate legally, as well as the owner of Damena Fish Market Bali.
The access road leading to residents’ housing has also become a hot topic of discussion this time, so that the housing developer held the first mediation, namely;
Today is Wednesday, the second of November in the year two thousand and twenty-two, taking place in the meeting room of the Sesetan Village Office, based on Letter Number 005/366/ Kel. Sesetan on November 1 2022 regarding the Invitation to Mediation, a summons and mediation was carried out between Komang Ari Widiyanti and the DGedong Cathalia Residence Developer to settle the land dispute belonging to Komang Ari Widiyanti which is located in Alley Mina Utama next to UD. Damena which is used as a road by residents of DGedong Cathalia Residence.
In the mediation event which was attended by both parties (Komang Ari Widiyanti and the developer DGedong Cathalia Residence) along with their respective attorneys, also attended by the South Denpasar Sub-District Head, the South Denpasar Police Chief, the Denpasar City Land Office, the Denpasar City Secretariat Legal Department, the Sesetan Village Secretary and Babinsa Sesetan Sub-District and residents who use the road, obtained the following mediation results: 1. Both parties, in this case Komang Ari Widiyanti and Dgedong Cathalia Residence, will settle this case in a better way.
2. During the process of resolving this case, Komang Ari Widiyanti’s closure of his property as an access road for DGedong Cathalia Residence was postponed until November 20, 2022.
3. DGdong Cathalia Residence, through its attorney, accepts that the road closure has been postponed until
November 20, 2022, while looking for the best way to resolve this case.
Thus the results of this Mediation are made to be used as appropriate.
Denpasar November 2, 2022 An. Head of Sesetan Village, Denpasar.
“Hopefully in the future it can be resolved amicably and peacefully, Togar Situmorang as the attorney for the land owner also said, “There must be no provocation from residents and acts of arrogance in this matter.”
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“We agreed in a statement which was won in court in 2018, this should have been completed since then,” said Yoga as the agent for the housing developer. (Team).